[Ardour-Users] Explosions in my home studio (random noise bursts problems)

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Sat Apr 23 15:45:41 PDT 2011

Tobiasz Karoń wrote:
> Hi!
> The thing was around for a while. When two clips are being aligned to 
> each other but not crossfaded, and not separate, they tend to generate a 
> monstrous amount of noise, especially when I use LADSPA and LV2 plugins 
> (especially unstable Calf LV2s form *KX Studio* repos)
> Ardour Clips.png
> Calf Vintage Delay LV2 plugins frequently is blowing my mixes up.
> In this specific session I found out that bypassing an SC4 on my master 
> bus I can make those explosions stop. However it wasn't easy.
> I wonder what is responsible for those problems, probably bugs in 
> plugins, but maybe there is something in Ardour that makes those things 
> shout out loud?
> Below you can listen to how does it sound like:
> Those sounds are *really loud*. Use low volume while listening to the 
> record for the first time, I don't want anyone to get a heart attack.
> Here is the file:
> http://unfamusic.com/5h1+/unfa-FNR-E04 wypadki.mp3 
> <http://unfamusic.com/5h1+/unfa-FNR-E04%20wypadki.mp3>
> PS: Looks like SC4 LADSPA and Calf Vintage Delay LV2 are two buggy 
> beasts to tame. Also Calf Saturator and Exciter (both LV2) were making 
> problems.
> Cheers!
> -- 
> Tobiasz /*unfa*/

I've had this problem too, with 400, 500, 600 dB blasts registered 
inside Ardour. I've found the best way to stop it from happening is to 
have a tiny gap between regions and then consolidate. On the occasions I 
tried consolidating with adjacent regions (no gap), I got the blasts in 
the consolidated region as well.


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