[Ardour-Users] Drum Replacement

Chooch Schubert choochus at gmail.com
Wed Sep 1 12:34:20 PDT 2010

I have scoured the internet but either nobody has what I need or I'm just
missing it. I am actually looking for three things that are somewhat

The first is a way in Ardour to have audio in a track trigger a sampler.
Generally used to replace a drum sound with another drum (like Drumagog does
on Mac/Windows). My guess is that Ardour wouldn't do this natively, but does
anybody know of a Linux plug-in/program that will do this?

Similarly are there any Linux side-chain compressors out there? There is
some documentation about making SC do side-chain, but forums posts are
contradicting each other and my testing didn't seem to work. Primarily
trying to use it for auto-ducking.

One thing I couldn't find at all was a side-chain gate. It was my backup
plan to add oomph to a kick drum. Since I couldn't find a way to trigger a
sampler, I generated a constant sine wave with the hopes to have a gate open
to let it out when the kick hits. No luck at all.

Suggestions of software - or even how to accomplish the goals in a different
way - very much appreciated!


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