[Ardour-Users] Aligning recording with existing material

Per Sigmond per at sigmond.no
Sun Oct 24 15:20:28 PDT 2010


Using ardour 2.8.11 and jack 1.9.4 on Linux (PlanetCCRMA/fc11) I can't get 
recording of new tracks aligned with existing audio. Recordings seem to arrive 
late, and it gets worse when increasing frames/period in jack. 

A few version ago (probably before 2.8.8) recordings used to be aligned 
perfectly as long as I pressed play first and rec afterwards. If I did it the 
other way around I got simular behaviour as the present version. Now it is 
unaligned no matter in what order I do things, but it is at least consistent 

Anyone else experiencing this? If not, what should I look for to find the error 
in my setup?

(Yes, I have checked that the tracks are configured to align with existing 

Best regards,

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