[Ardour-Users] Problem with bus colours

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Mon Nov 8 16:00:50 PST 2010


I'm creating a new session template and I'm colour coding the tracks and 
busses as an aid to quick navigation of large sessions. I've encountered 
a minor issue with busses.

I've chosen colours for some busses, but when I re-open the session, 
these colours aren't used in the Mixer window -- all the bus strips are 

When I go to the colour selector in the Editor window, it has correctly 
retained the colour previously chosen and upon closing the colour 
selector the correct colour is then displayed. But the next time the 
session is opened, all the busses are grey again.

I found a bug 'bus chanel color isn't "saved"':

...but this isn't quite the same as I'm experiencing. The bus colour 
doesn't revert when other tracks/busses are selected -- it's fine until 
the session is re-opened.

Is this a known problem I've stumbled across?

Many thanks


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