[Ardour-Users] Template for multiple tracks/busses in existing session?

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Mon Nov 8 17:03:56 PST 2010


Is there any way to create multiple tracks and/or busses, with routings 
between them and possibly plugins -- in the way that you can with a new 
session template -- in an existing session?

Searching the forum, I see that it looks like this has been suggested or 
requested before. In the process of searching I discovered that it's 
possible to have single track/bus (with plugins) templates, which I 
didn't know about before and which will be very useful.

It would be nice to be able to add multiple tracks/busses though. For 
example, I always record acoustic guitar with two mics and send them to 
a single bus -- it would be nice to be able to save a template of two 
tracks routed a bus.

A template that would create eight tracks, four hard panned to each 
side, and all routed to a stereo bus (for layering metal rhythm guitar) 
would be another template I would create.

There are plenty of other templates that I would use, but not need in 
every session and to create new session templates with all the 
permuations isn't really feasible.

I suppose that if this isn't currently possible, I'd be grateful if the 
developers would add my voice to the others asking for consideration of 
feature like this at some point.

Keep up the fantastic work.

Best wishes


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