[Ardour-Users] Ardour, equipment and engineer wanted for SF, LA, Vegas live gigs May 28, 29, 30

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Thu May 27 06:09:29 PDT 2010

I have good problem to have... I have a Nicaraguan buddy coming to San
Francisco, Ca on the 28th, Los Angeles, Ca, on the 29th, and Las Vegas on
the 30th. He's got a 10 piece band, (about 18 mics/line ins) and does all
sorts of great samba/salsa stuff.

He's asked me to record his gigs, with ardour. I'm currently in LA, trying
to arrange for 24 tracks worth of gear for the 29th, which I think I can do,
but haven't fully nailed down yet. I can probably live with 16 tracks, if
that's all thats available.

I figure if I can record 2 out of 3 dates, I've got a killer record on my
hands that I can mix when I get back to Nicaragua, and I'd prefer to do the
whole thing in ardour. I can line up someone with protools or prologic for
the SF date, but I'd rather go for pure ardour throughout.

He didn't tell me he was doing these gigs until a week ago. !@#!@

Now, I'd actually like to do an audiophile 96khz or higher recording as
well, as I do some work for a certain high end audio company that I cannot
mention that would totally dig that. So, 18 tracks, 96khz or higher...

I can pay for the time, and even loan some gear out to an ardour-experienced
engineer that has a fast enough computer and can get to the Las Vegas gig,
so I just need contacts...

So anyway, the band is called "Los Nuevos Panzers". They do a lot of
salsa/samba/cambio stuff that nobody outside of Nicaragua has ever heard.
It's intensely dancible....

Some details on the gigs:


And some (mostly 3-5 year old) youtube as to the kind of crazy latin
american music they do is at:


Obviously I'm laying this on fast, so I can be reached at 1-408-464-8674 on
my US cell phone, or via email (cell preferred, I'm travelling rather
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