[Ardour-Users] How to add an effect to a track

Christopher Bailey zipzappoozoo at gmail.com
Fri Mar 5 13:08:36 PST 2010

How would this be "abused"?  It always creates a new soundfile, so you can
always revert.  Personally I've used this feature a lot when I had access to
PT.  Plugins make me nervous . . I'd much rather do what I need to do to a
region, and then just mix it.

But I'm coming from a musique-concrete experimental background, where I tend
to think in terms of "sound objects", and less in terms of  a track being a
continuous instrumental line.   I tend to think of a set of tracks as a
"puzzle board", and regions as "puzzle pieces" that I put together to make
musical gestures and such.

But that just illustrates the point of my question . . one person's "abuse"
is another person's regular working method.

> Are there any development plans to implement something likeProTools
> "Audiosuite" . . .  essentially, the ability to do exactly what Arnold
> wanted to do.  (I think in PT, Audiosuite uses the plugin's
> a non-plugin context.)

Just to throw in my 2c:

As I understand it, PT AudioSuite lets you run plugins on regions and
actually process the audio right then. Kinda the way Audacity works...

I like the idea, and think it would be a great feature. Of course, it's very
likely that it could be seriously abused, and cause confusion for
inexperienced users...
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