[Ardour-Users] How to add an effect to a track

Arnold Krille arnold at arnoldarts.de
Fri Mar 5 13:23:21 PST 2010


On Friday 05 March 2010 22:08:36 Christopher Bailey wrote:
> How would this be "abused"?  It always creates a new soundfile, so you can
> always revert.  Personally I've used this feature a lot when I had access
>  to PT.  Plugins make me nervous . . I'd much rather do what I need to do
>  to a region, and then just mix it.
> But I'm coming from a musique-concrete experimental background, where I
>  tend to think in terms of "sound objects", and less in terms of  a track
>  being a continuous instrumental line.   I tend to think of a set of tracks
>  as a "puzzle board", and regions as "puzzle pieces" that I put together to
>  make musical gestures and such.
> But that just illustrates the point of my question . . one person's "abuse"
> is another person's regular working method.

Well, ardour is non-destructive in the sense that it tries to do as much as 
possible live without modifying what is on disk (even if that modification is 
really a new file).
And "applying" an effect to a track or a region in the track always needs at 
least one run where you listen to the effects effect. So you always need to plug 
the effect in the channel, obviously or hidden in some "effect rehearsal" 
And with ardours mixer you can rehearse all effects in all channels 
permanently. When you are fine with one channels settings, freeze the track. 
When you are fine with all channels and the mix, export the song.

Have fun,

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