[Ardour-Users] How to add an effect to a track

Michael Neumeier dennismail at gmx.net
Thu Mar 4 03:08:03 PST 2010

First of all: Thanks for all replies. I will only write back to the ones I have open questions left.

> A track is mostly the same as a bus. Only one (big) difference: A track also 
> records to and plays from the harddisk. This recording/playback point is right 
> at the top (speaking in the mixer-channel), that is you audio is recorded as 
> plain as possible and all effects / routing are applied afterwards.
> A bus doesn't have this recording possibility, its more like a mixer-channel 
> in the real world.

Ah, that explains it in a good way - now I got that. Saying that it´s more like a mixer-channel in the real world gives me quite a good and clear idea of it. And the other point that it´s like an "aux" also is a good thing
> Connecting the output of a track to the input of a bus and that output to the 
> input of the track again gives you a nice little feedback. And its a digital 
> feedback, so no nice sinus-wave...

Ah, I should have thought of that. Well, I am going to avoid a feedback... :)
> A bus is a multi-purpose thingie, you can use to to split your track into an 
> unmodified and a modified version and by that mix (and automate) the original 
> and for example the phasered version. You can also use it to act like a bus on 
> mixing consoles and connect several tracks to one bus and then have one fader 
> (and effect chain) for them all to go to the main-mix. But you can do all sorts 
> of things with this.

Well, I guess, I am going to give the track to the bus and then connect the output of the bus back to a track, as I see the advantage that I can then check the result after having added a fx to my original track.

Now, for the fx: There is still the question how I can add a fx only to a part of a track. Certainly, I could copy the part into a second track and send the second track to the fx-bus, but I guess there is a much more "elegant" solution - or is it true that this is really not implemented yet?


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