[Ardour-Users] How to add an effect to a track

Arnold Krille arnold at arnoldarts.de
Thu Mar 4 01:18:39 PST 2010


On Thursday 04 March 2010 10:00:35 Michael Neumeier wrote:
> > If you want to send a channel to an effect bus (like maybe a reverb),
> > create a bus, put the effect in the pre-fade slot, then in the track add
> > a Send.  Hook its outputs to the input of the bus, enable it, and
> > reverberate away as much as you like.
> As I am quite new into hd-recording, I first had to understand the
>  difference between "track" and "bus". If I understand correctly, a "track"
>  has an input that I can freely use, while its output is connected to the
>  recording (=harddisk), while a "bus" has both input and output that I can
>  freely define. Would you say that this is correct? Are there any other
>  important differences between the 2 things?

A track is mostly the same as a bus. Only one (big) difference: A track also 
records to and plays from the harddisk. This recording/playback point is right 
at the top (speaking in the mixer-channel), that is you audio is recorded as 
plain as possible and all effects / routing are applied afterwards.
A bus doesn't have this recording possibility, its more like a mixer-channel 
in the real world.

> To your example: Allright, I got this. But where do I connect the output of
>  the bus? Back to the track? That´s the only possibility I see here, but
>  perhaps there is a better one...

Connecting the output of a track to the input of a bus and that output to the 
input of the track again gives you a nice little feedback. And its a digital 
feedback, so no nice sinus-wave...

A bus is a multi-purpose thingie, you can use to to split your track into an 
unmodified and a modified version and by that mix (and automate) the original 
and for example the phasered version. You can also use it to act like a bus on 
mixing consoles and connect several tracks to one bus and then have one fader 
(and effect chain) for them all to go to the main-mix. But you can do all sorts 
of things with this.

Have fun,

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