[Ardour-Users] touch with behringer bcf?

Brett Clark brett.clark at zirous.com
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Maybe im missing something, but I think that is what 'touch' does.  I
use Ardours sliders (not hardware) when I work a mixdown, so im not sure
if that's what you're referring to as 'on-screen sliders'.  When im
working on a track, I set the gain automation to 'touch' so I can tweak
it during playback.  'Touch' will replay what was already done with the
'write' but allows you to modify it during playback (like a combo of
'play' and 'write').  Is that what you are asking?

Granted, its been a little over a year (and a couple Ardour releases)
since ive done a mixdown but I assume the latest version of Ardour still
works that way.

- --Brett

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Thanks for the info.  I just reexamined the manual on automation
and skimmed through the forum a bit, though not exhaustively.

I've used gain automation.  What I've managed to do is to write
and play gain automation.  Write mode seems to take quite a bit
of fiddling with the curve using my mouse.  And, those curves are
prone to being overwritten if (WHEN!) I forget to change back
into play mode for the automation.  I've never ended up with what
I'd call an elegant solution, which would be anything that was
easy and fast.  Of course, I could just be misunderstanding the
intended usage model.

One time I was producer of a my band's mixdown where the engineer
rode programmable sliders one or a few at a time as he played
through each song.  If he didn't like what he did, he'd fiddle
with a slider for a moment, which would fix that section of the
song, and after that the slider would return to it's previously
programmed action.  I'd really like to be able to emulate this
behavior.  But, I don't know how, nor if it's possible with
ardour.  I'm happy to use either the on-screen sliders or the
sliders on my BCF2000.

Does anyone have any more advice on how to use, primarily gain, 


- --

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