[Ardour-Users] Do USB audio devices require custom drivers?

Mike Morris mcmorris95125 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 9 19:11:37 PST 2010

Obviously an audio noob, sorry about this. Searched for USB and didn't find
anything answering this simple a question :-)

I assumed a USB audio input device (e.g., this Presonus
would work with ardour by virtue of being USB. In other words, if  a program
can read one audio device on a USB port, can't it read *any* audio device on
a USB port? I guess I'm assuming that the audio sampling and data format
coming in are always the same, but it seems like that's a reasonable
assumption??? (Aren't all 44.1KHz or 48KHz, etc. audio streams the same, or
am I showing my ignorance? Is there some non-standard transport
encapsulation or something I'm unaware of?)

Anyway, someone told me some such devices are Windoze only, which I
obviously take with a grain of salt.

Is there anything I need to check about a USB audio device to confirm it
will work with Ardour on Linux?

Thanks in advance,

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