[Ardour-Users] 2.8.6 Master out error

plutek-infinity plutek at infinity.net
Wed Feb 3 11:46:16 PST 2010

>Date: Wed, 3 Feb 2010 19:25:01 +0000
>From: John Rigg <au at jrigg.co.uk>

>I'm getting a recurring error after opening new sessions with auto-connect
>disabled on both outputs and inputs. When I try to manually connect
>the Master outputs to system outputs 1 & 2 I get the following:
>[ERROR]: AudioEngine: cannot connect ardour:master/out 1
>(ardour:master/out 1) to system:playback_1 (system:playback_1)
>Shutting down Ardour and starting it up again fixes it.
>If the new session is started with `automatically connect outputs
>to master bus' enabled, the problem doesn't occur.

looks ok here.

for the record, doesn't `automatically connect outputs to master bus' only refer to connections between individual tracks and the master bus, not connections from master bus to something else? when i start a new session with autoconnection off, the master bus is still connected to the system outputs, but no tracks are connected to the master bus. if i then disconnect the master bus outputs, i can reconnect them without trouble. also, if i save the session with the master outs disconnected and then restart ardour, i can connect the master outs without trouble.

>This is with jack 0.116.1 on Debian 5.0.3 amd64.

ardour 2.8.6
jack 0.118.0
AVLinux 3.0r1 i686



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