[Ardour-Users] Debian?

Raffaele Morelli raffaele.morelli at gmail.com
Wed Aug 11 02:50:31 PDT 2010

Well, the next stable release of debian (Squeeze, actually
*testing*distribution) will include ardour so if you want to use a
debian stable
release you have to wait.

As a debian fan I would suggest you to run testing instead of stable. I am
running testing since Sarge and serious bugs rarely occurs when dealing with
audio stuffs in my own experience (nor with the rest of the system I would
add) and you can always check the debian bugs tracking system page to see
what's going on with your apps.
Using apt-pinning system could be the solution if you feel more comfortable
with a mixed system.


2010/8/11 Simon Wise <simonzwise at gmail.com>

> On 10/08/10 19:42, christian at shamanbenefit.net wrote:
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>>  It is actually easier to install Ardour on Linux than OSX, it is
>>> maintained
>>> in Debian and probably several other distributions
>> Well, no, that's just not true. I'm using Debian stable and there is *NO*
>> ardour available. Actually, the last version I've seen here was 0.99. So,
>> of
>> course, if you use 'testing' or 'unstable' you can get it from apt, but
>> using
>> stable, the best possibility is to compile.
> Yes, choosing a distribution to suit your needs is possibly the most
> difficult
> step for a Linux user, especially new ones, and it is always a
> controversial topic among more experienced users. There are lots of sensible
> ways to make the choice.
> As I understand Debian the "Stable" version is directed to the needs of
> servers
> and similar, it is intentionally not kept up to date and is extremely
> strict
> about licensing and potential legal issues. The only updates are security
> related, and the release process is slow, careful and infrequent.
> Most [all?] of the Debian based distributions intended for desktop or
> notebook
> use are based on "Unstable", anyone wanting to run multimedia using Debian
> is
> much more likely to find the software they want there, and will probably
> also
> want to use some extra repositories which are less strict about codecs,
> patents
> and so forth.
> At least one project, Sidux, has made it easy to run a very up-to-date
> Debian
> system by tracking "Unstable" closely and allowing reliable updating as
> frequently as the user wants to do it. Several multimedia oriented
> distributions make releases based on snapshots of "Unstable". I don't think
> that Debian "Stable" is a sensible choice for audio use, it just isn't
> intended for that purpose, and although the up-coming release will be much
> better than the previous ones it will still get out of date quite fast.
> Simon
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