[Ardour-Users] What are [control] connections?

Brett Clark brett.clark at zirous.com
Mon Apr 12 16:23:47 PDT 2010

Im seeing an odd issue, but first i need to explain my workflow.  Im
currently running Fedora core 10 and Ardour 2.8.7, and a few versions ago (i
dont remember how many but it was possibly in the 2.7.x area) i created a
template that only contains the Master bus and a Monitor bus.  The Master
bus is the standard except that it has a send (pre-fader) going to the
Monitor bus.  The Master bus outputs to hw:1 and hw:2, while the Monitor bus
outputs to hw:3 and hw:4.  In a nutshell, my Master bus outputs to my
reference monitors in the recording area while the Monitor bus outputs to my
mix-down monitors.

Onto my issue: when i create a new session using the template and add a
track, the new track automatically outputs to the Master (which is what i
want), but it also creates another output that has the word '[control]' on
it that links to the Monitor bus too. This can create issues since the
Monitor now has inputs from both the Master send and directly from the new

Has anyone else seen this?  Am i doing something wrong?  Should i just drop
the send from the Master bus if Ardour is going to auto-magically tie in the
Monitor bus too?  The only problem with that is that i usually put a
compressor on the Master pre-fader to avoid slight clipping, so i would have
to create an identical on both busses.

I have a test session where this issue is happening if needed.

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