[Ardour-Users] testing help wanted

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Mon Apr 12 10:59:10 PDT 2010

for 2.X, i just committed some fairly deep changes to the logic and
record keeping used when trying to make sure that recorded data ends
up in right spot on the timeline. i've done my own testing to make
sure that the new design works, but this is one of those areas where
you guys always end up doing a better job of eventually finding the
corner cases that i missed. i'd really appreciate that help now. the
sorts of things that need testing:

     * manual punch with per-track rec-enable
     * manual punch using the global rec-enable button
     * auto punch
     * JACK sync'ed transports
     * latent plugins
     * latent port inserts

in any and all combinations. The simplest thing to use for checking
this is a click track, but tests using other material will help.
Running JACK at very large period size settings is not required but it
helps to make errors much more visible (i've been using -p 4096 for my

One hint: if you record the click track to an existing track (or any
software sound source via JACK, without the audio interface playing a
role), be sure you first disconnect the *recording* track's existing
connections to the audio interface, since this will ALWAYS mess up

Thanks to anyone who has the time and energy to help checking that
things are OK.


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