[Ardour-Users] Ardour 3.0 build problem

Jörn Nettingsmeier nettings at stackingdwarves.net
Mon Oct 12 10:11:50 PDT 2009

hi henry!

Henry W. Peters wrote:

> I have built (say) Ardour 2.xx quite a few times... struggling with
> installation of the dependencies, etc., with some differing versions of
> my distro (Ubuntu), got the program to run, but had digital audio input 
> problems (probably sound card, etc., compatibility?) with it... so
> Ardour as a *functioning* program (I have been doing digital audio for
> maybe 15 years, much of which was with Pro Tools, when I ran Mac OS, pre
> version 9.0), as is (the so-called "stable" version), is strictly a
> hypothetical, for me; point is, to reiterate, & emphasize, version 2.xx
> is not a useable program for me... 

that is unfortunate. but you are following the wrong lead.

if your sound hardware does not work, then it's a JACK or ALSA problem.
if you cared to elaborate on what hardware you use and the problems you
are having, this might be fixable.

you should not have any hopes for ardour3 to give you a usable system at
this point. it's not even alpha. what paul was hinting at was: a3 will
be so scary to actually use that those build problems are just a
friendly way of saying: if you can't solve this, you should not be
wasting time with a3 at this point.

> I was hoping to see if there were
> issues that might have been resolved, so that I could reconsider
> utilizing Ardour.

please do, but note that hardware problems are usually orthogonal to ardour.

> So if you are saying, even if you know better (re installation) & have
> problems where documentation is not (at the least) apparently
> available... too bad... or what?   & are you really saying you (who ever
> "you" is) are not interested in some one actually trying to learn? That
> would be just too sad.

no, it's not. ardour3 is not ready for end users yet, and it's so much
in flux that it would be a waste of time to even address (let alone fix)
the issues you were having.
it's not a finished product. it's a scary contraption of wires, glass
tubes, green bubbly liquids and lightning discharge, the odd brain
floating in a formaldehyde jar, in an illegal basement facility in outer
transsilvania with maniacs in ragged grey lab coats dancing around by
the light of a sizzling carbide lamp.
that said, you may see why it's a bad idea to call igor to the door to
ask for the customer relationship manager :-D

please don't take offense, and do reconsider ardour2 for productive work.



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