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Thomas Vecchione seablaede at gmail.com
Mon Oct 5 18:29:55 PDT 2009

Howdy Folks-

  Ok so time for updates again, and a request to get the last bit of work
done in order to get the manual out the door, at least in a preview state,
in the next 3 weeks.  So in an effort to recruit some more help in doing
this as my schedule has been fuller than I anticipated lately, I am posting
a punch list here for people to hopefully see.


As we already discovered, PNGs need to be made without the Alpha channel.

Ok old news aside, time for new things.  We have discovered that Daisy
doesn't render to PDF with text flow around images very well(At all).  So as
a result we are trying to consolidate down our screenshots so that there are
fewer that need to be inline.  As a result I have been working on a new(ish)
method of annotating our screenshot, doing one larger screenshot at the top
of a section, which would then be labeled in the text of the article that
the screenshot is embedded in.

So, putting a call out to anyone that can use Inkscape or Gimp(Or similar).
The basics of the new screenshot annotation style is here...

We need to embed PNG files into the articles of course, but I would like to
keep the source files as SVGs and attached to an article on Daisy I set up
for this here...

The main purpose to this is to allow easy editing if needed.  Ideally we
won't have to edit them, as the actual text to translate will be in the
article itself and we are only labeling, but this keeps us safe.

For the record, neither of these articles is in the manual of course;)


Ok one function of Daisy that we need to start taking more advantage of is
variables.  Right now there are variables for Button-1, Button-2, and
Button-3 Click, etc.  Pretty much this ends up becoming left, right, and
middle click mapped correctly.  I have also set up variables for the various
modifier keys (SHIFT/ALT/etc.). I am also looking at the possibility of
creating variables for various default keybindings as well but am not
certain that I am going to do this.  At any rate what I need for now though
is people to start going through and make sure that all articles that
reference either a button click or modifier key for a shortcut, take
advantage of these variables.


Any command that would open a seperate dialog, that dialog needs to be
documented in the Other Windows Section.  If there is a command that opens
that dialog, this should be described in brief and linked to the article
describing the dialog.

Punch List:

There is a punch list forming at
http://vm-nice.stackingdwarves.net:8888/ardour-en/4-ARDOUR.html on things to
do.  As you complete one please make it a strikethrough text and put your
name in parens near it so that we can know it has been taken care of.


Ok the goals of all this is to release a preview render of the entire manual
within 3 weeks.  The sooner we get this done the better.  If everyone with
an account takes out one line of the punch list a week, we will have no
problem meeting that goal.  I would ask while people are doing this we also
look into the above as well.

Please let me know if there are any questions.  I am sure I missed several
things here and I am hoping people that have been kicking me in the head to
get this done jump on me to clarify things;)

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