[Ardour-Users] many changes in 2.X SVN

Raphaël Doursenaud rdoursenaud at free.fr
Fri Oct 2 08:24:00 PDT 2009

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Paul Davis a écrit :
> this all adds up to a reasonable bit of sudden change, and is the end
> point for the now-imminent 2.8.3 release. i'd really appreciate it if
> a few of you could test out an svn build and check into a few of the
> features mentioned above, so that i can be sure that these patches at
> least do not break other stuff and at best actually work :)
> many thanks. i'd like to get 2.8.3 out early next week, so ...
> thanks,
> --p

I'm working on updating the French translation and I came across some
untranslatable strings.

This really is a tiny issue but it would be great to have it fixed for
the release.

Here are the ones I've spotted so far.

In the menus :
Session > Export > Export selected regions to audiofile...
Session > Export > Export range markers to multiple audiofiles...
Edit > Undo (*something*)
Edit > Editing Modes
Edit > Editing Modes > Next Edit mode
Edit > Editing Modes > Mouse Mode
Regions > Insert Region from List
Track > Waveform > Set Selected Tracks to Linear Waveforms
Track > Waveform > Set Selected Tracks to Logarithmic Waveforms
Display > Waveform > Show Waveforms Rectified
Display > Waveform > Show Waveforms while Recording
Options > Audio File Format > Sample Format > 32-bit floating point
Options > Audio File Format > Sample Format > 24-bit integer
Options > Audio File Format > Sample Format > 16-bit integer
Options > Performance
Options > Performance > Do Not Run Plugins while Recording
Options > Performance > Use Region Fades
Options > Misc Options > Rubberbandig Snaps to Grid

Tooltip on mixer's input or output when disconnected : "Disconnected"

The whole ThemeManager window.

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