[Ardour-Users] xrun & automation

lieven moors lievenmoors at gmail.com
Wed May 20 03:27:16 PDT 2009

. m u r m e r . wrote:
> thanks for this david!
> David Adler wrote:
>> 2nd version, more verbose:
>> Not sure what you have done so far, a first step would be to
>> give realtime privileges to your user by appending something
>> like the following to /etc/limits.conf
>> @audio   -  rtprio     99
>> @audio   -  memlock    unlimited
>> @audio   -  nice      -19
> can i do this even without installing the rt kernel? i tried to take 
> that step, but apparently the rt kernel is incompatible with my 
> graphics card/driver. i spent several hours searching for a solution, 
> but i can't find anything that works with the nvidia accelerated 
> graphics driver version 173, which seems to be what my rather old card 
> requires. i tried updating to driver version 180, which is in the 
> repositories, but it didn't like it.
> so - still running the generic kernel i took the steps you suggested. 
> but even with these lines in limits.conf, jack won't start if i have 
> the realtime checkbox checked. nor will it start if i raise the 
> periods/buffer value to 3, which is something else i read improves 
> performance with intel audio cards, such as mine. in both cases i get:
> Could not connect to JACK server as client.
> - Overall operation failed.
> - Unable to connect to server.
> Please check the messages window for more info.
> ironic that this *is* in the message window, but there you go. ; )
> i'm not certain i've got the syntax in my limits.conf file correct 
> (bear with me, i'm really no programmer). the lines that were already 
> present in the file are all preceded by '#', like this:
> #* soft core 0
> #root hard core 100000
> #* hard rss 10000
> #@student hard nproc 20
> #@faculty soft nproc 20
> #@faculty hard nproc 50
> #ftp hard nproc 0
> #ftp - chroot /ftp
> #@student - maxlogins 4
> those, obviously, ubuntu put there itself. but i thought the '#' tag 
> was there to comment out any text, such as the term explanation at the 
> top of the file? are these lines just there as an example, and not in 
> use? or do all lines need to be preceded by '#'? basically, do i want:
> @audio etc...
> or
> #@audio etc...
> that said, i tried both, and couldn't start jack with the realtime 
> checkbox checked either way. as far as latency is concerned, it's not 
> a problem for me, i don't do *any* live recording to the machine, so 
> i'm already running on a default of 4096. i'd go higher if jack would 
> allow it. but i'm still getting regular xruns when in a session...
>> The list archives of ubuntustudio and the linux-audio-user
>> mailinglist contain much valuable information.
>> Linux-audio-distributions are somewhat pre-optimised,
>> there is a list here:
>> http://wiki.linuxaudio.org/apps/categories/linux_audio_bundles_distributions 
>> I like 64studio -- but that's just my personal view.
> thanks, i'll have a look at these...
> best,
> patrick
Have a look at the bottom of this page on my site 
http://lievenmoors.github.com/jack.html .
Make sure you are part of the audio group with this command: groups
# is used to comment things out, so lines starting with this will be 
The changes to limits.conf should work with the regular kernel, and jack 
should be able to run with realtime privileges.

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