[Ardour-Users] ardourvst on jaunty

Jari Suominen jari.suominen at helsinki.fi
Wed Jun 3 12:06:40 PDT 2009

. m u r m e r . kirjoitti:
> Jari Suominen wrote:
>> installing all required tools and libraries under All versions of 
>> Ardour and For the Ardour 2.0 series? And for the libraries also dev 
>> versions. You can find all these libraries from Synaptic just search. 
>> fftw3f is inside some random package just install it. All the rest are 
>> quite straight forward.
> do you mean it's inside one of the other packages, so i don't need to 
> worry about it? or i need to find it somehow hiding somewhere else and 
> install *that* package? as i guess you predicted, i haven't found that 
> one, and a google search leads to a bunch of forum posts of people not 
> finding it...

I think it should be in package root-plugin-fftw3. Just search in synaptic.

What I tried to say was that there is no package called fftw3f anywhere. 
But install the package that comes up in search fftw3f at Synaptic and 
thats it. There isn't any dev package of that that needs to be 
installed. For fftw3 there is dev and ordinary packages that also needs 
to be installed.

The scons checks all dependencies at the beginning of the compilation so 
when all is done it should report that as well as ok.


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