[Ardour-Users] How to give a sound "presentation"?

Ferenc Wagner wferi at niif.hu
Sun Jan 11 16:25:52 PST 2009

Ross Johnson <Ross.Johnson at homemail.com.au> writes:

> I've done one compilation for theatre but it was all prerecorded.

Yeah, the kind one does with Ardour/Jamin alone, I guess.

> The first thing that came to my mind as a possible solution here is
> a radio broadcast management system like Rivendell. It's free and
> runs on Linux.

Wow, that's the kind of "out of the box" thinking I really like.  I'll
definitely check it out.  I'm afraid it hasn't got looping capability,
but I can pre-render that.  And will look at other broadcast/DJ tools
as well.

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