[Ardour-Users] How to give a sound "presentation"?

Ross Johnson Ross.Johnson at homemail.com.au
Sat Jan 10 22:32:17 PST 2009

I've done one compilation for theatre but it was all prerecorded. The 
first thing that came to my mind as a possible solution here is a radio 
broadcast management system like Rivendell. It's free and runs on Linux.


Whilst it no-doubt isn't going to have all the features of a dedicated 
theatre sound design system, it does the basics of managing an audio 
library, saving and loading programs, editing and cueing audio from the 
library, drop-ins, and live interaction.

Thomas Vecchione wrote:
> Sadly there is no good sound playback software suited for theater in 
> the linux realm that I am aware of.  Nothing really works well, though 
> in a pinch you could set up a sampler and launch based off that, it is 
> far from ideal.
> What you really will want will be on OS X or Windows for the time 
> being.  On OS X QLab is one I can strongly reccomend, in fact I use it 
> almost exclusively now for theater sound design.  It is closed source, 
> but the basic version, which is more than enough for many shows, is 
> free(As in beer obviously).  Also on OS X is Cricket for a bit more 
> money.  This is better suited for mixing of live audio signals on the 
> computer in with playback, but for shows I don't have to deal with 
> live audio I strongly reccomend QLab over it.  For processing of Live 
> Audio I tend to write patches in Pd, but Cricket is better suited for 
> it out of the box.  This is also closed source proprietary 
> software(Cricket).
> On the Windows front you will have more choices, but for those running 
> on a budget Sound Cue System is a good one to look at I have been 
> told, but the 'standard' for this type of work typically is SFX by 
> Stage Research these days.  I am not personally a huge fan of it, but 
> havne't used their new version(Disliked their older ones) which I have 
> been told has major improvements.  Like SCS this is also closed source 
> proprietary software, and you will need to pay for it.
> Sorry I can't give you any open source options, I just haven't seen 
> anything yet that is well suited for it, and haven't gotten anything 
> written anywhere close to a usable point myself yet.
>       Seablade
> On Sat, Jan 10, 2009 at 9:29 PM, Justin M. Streiner 
> <streiner at cluebyfour.org <mailto:streiner at cluebyfour.org>> wrote:
>     On Sun, 11 Jan 2009, Ferenc Wagner wrote:
>         I was asked to help producing a play.  The play is about
>         sounds! :)
>         I think I can achieve the desired result with Ardour, but I
>         have to
>         accomodate timing variations by the actors.  Which means I
>         can't pre-
>         record everything and just play that back...
>         Which (preferably Linux) software do you think would be the
>         best for
>         such a task?  I imagine having to need to push space only
>         during the
>         play, and the software would do the necessary crossfades, play
>         back
>         short noises or just keep looping something if left alone.
>     Do you need record bits of the show for playback later in the
>     show, or are all of the sounds pre-recorded and you need need to
>     cue the playback at specific times, based on the performers' actions?
>     If you're playng back pre-recorded sounds, you could bring in a
>     sequencer like Rosegarden, or load the sound effects into a kit in
>     Hydrogen and trigger them as needed from Hydrogen.
>     I'm not 100% sure how you'd handle it if you need to record bits
>     of the show for playback later, but you'd definitely need to have
>     a highly optimized workflow to get the bits recorded, cleaned up,
>     and sequenced.
>     I'm also pretty sure some of the other people on the list will
>     have some better ideas :)
>     jms
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