[Ardour-Users] Could this solve Ardour's financial headache?

m.eik michalke m at openmusiccontest.org
Thu Jan 8 11:28:49 PST 2009


am Donnerstag, 8. Januar 2009 (20:00) schrieb John Emmas:
> > Must be some psychological thing.
> >
> > I guess from my standpoint im more likely to donate if im doing it
> > freely as opposed to having restrictions put on me.  But that's just me.
> I think you're absolutely right Brett.  The resistance is mostly
> psychological; not legal or financial or technical.

that's perfectly true. in psychological terms, you're dealing with reactance 
 o http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reactance_(psychology)

so it's definitely not just you, brett ;-)

best regards :: m.eik [who actually happens to be a psychologist]

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