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m.eik michalke m at openmusiccontest.org
Sun Aug 23 04:34:29 PDT 2009

am Sonntag, 23. August 2009 (11:24) schrieb John Emmas:
> To be fair, Linux is slowly getting better at working "out of the box" but
> it's not there yet.  Someone (not necessarily the user) needs to be willing
> to spend a long time learning about and dealing with configuration issues.
> Your friend's wife is not going to welcome this if she's a Mac fan.

i agree with your assumptions from the practical point of view (which is the 
most important one here, of course). i just want to add some kind of an 
explanation for these discrepancies: the gnu/linux os is being developed for a 
huge number of cpu architectures and hardware components, whereas apple can 
concentrate on their smaller number of compilations. if you buy "just a pc" 
and "just a mac" in 100 stores and compare the variance of hardware, it might 
give you a hint why "out of the box" can be a little more tricky to acheive 
for one side ;-) this doesn't explain all the differences, but if "the linux 
computer" was as defined on the hardware side as macs are, all those resources 
needed to write and test new drivers all the time could certainly be 
redirected to solve other issues and spare us a lot of configuration in the 
first place. it's easier to travel if there's fewer roads to take.

but again, i don't disagree with what was said before. i just wanted to share 
my view on why the easiness of one system is a trade-off against the 
flexibilities of another, not only a descriptive difference. i'd say it's a 
little like "if you try it with a pc, be aware that theres way too much 
products you have to chose from", or free market versus controlled economy ;-)

best regards :: m.eik

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