[Ardour-Users] OSX vs Linu

Rob Quin robquin at uklinux.net
Sun Aug 23 05:45:51 PDT 2009

On Sunday 23 August 2009 12:34, m.eik michalke wrote:
> am Sonntag, 23. August 2009 (11:24) schrieb John Emmas:
> > To be fair, Linux is slowly getting better at working "out of the box"
> > but it's not there yet.  Someone (not necessarily the user) needs to be
> > willing to spend a long time learning about and dealing with
> > configuration issues. Your friend's wife is not going to welcome this if
> > she's a Mac fan.

I agree with all the points made so far but I would like to add my own 

Linux is a DIY operating system. The price we pay is that we engage with the 
process of its development by tinkering with it and feeding our experiences 
back into that process. That all takes time but that is a price that I'm 
happy to pay to be in control of my system. I have experimented with some of 
the "Out of the Box" Linuxs struggled with them as I try to undo the 
assumptions that they make about how I want things. I always come back to 
plain old Debian and set it up the way that I want.

My wife (also a musician) has no desire to fiddle around just to get things 
working so she pays a handsome sum of money to Apple for OS_X and Logic and 
expects them to sort out a system that works for her. Along with telephone 
support and all the frills.

Both approaches work reasonably well. What is unrealistic in my opinion is to 
get hold of a DIY operating system and expect it to work without having to do 
the DIY.

Lucus, if you want to do other peoples DIY for them then that's up to you but 
it always ends up more complicated than you expect. In my experience it 
always works better if we all take control of our own computers in the way we 
feel comfortable with. The advice from this passionate Linux freak is let 
them have a Mac. It will be far less work for you to get your head around 
OS_X than for you to support them getting their heads around Linux.

Regards, Rob

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