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Pablo Fernandez pablo.fbus at gmail.com
Mon Mar 17 16:03:04 PDT 2008

> I reckon that hydrogen only understands beats, not bars or measures. A
> pattern can last anything from 1/2 beat (size 1) to  16 beats (size 32).

> My tip: The easy way to syncronize Hydrogen with an ardour song which a
> 4/4 time signature is selecting size 8 for all the patterns. This way you
> have four beats in a pattern and each square in the song editor represents a
> 4/4 bar. If you select a pattern with size 16 you have 8 beats and each
> pattern last two 4/4 ardour bars, which can be OK as long as you know it.
> (You can even select different sizes for patterns in the same song). What is
> clear is that the numbers in the song editor of hydrogen have nothing to do
> with bars. They only represent the sequence number in the series of patterns
> you are using.

> Pablo
> I have a strange thing going on with Ardour and Hydrogen.
> I have both set to sync to Jack, with Ardour as the time master.
> Ardour's time signature is set to 4/4. I've set Hydrogen's pattern
> length to be '16', but I'm not sure if that's 16 beats as it only gives
> me 8 beats to edit in a pattern. When I press Play in Ardour with the
> playhead set to the start of the song (Bar 1), Hydrogen starts from Bar
> 2. If I start playback in Ardour from any other bar, Hydrogen starts
> from a place much further ahead.
> I kind of assume I've got a mixup between Ardour's understanding of a
> bar and hydrogen's understanding of a bar. I've tried adjusting the time
> signature in Ardour, and this changes the relationship between where
> Ardour starts and where Hydrogen starts, but I can never get them to
> start at the same point.
> What am I doing wrong?
> Mark.
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