[Ardour-Users] delay matching (aka time alignment)

Giso Grimm gg3137 at vegri.net
Sat Mar 1 01:22:09 PST 2008

jackd supports to configure the hardware delay of your sound card. You
could add the delay from percussion to mics to that delay (than the
recording should be automatically time-aligned). Unfortunately only one
delay for all inputs and one for all outputs is supported; it would be
nice to have the possibility to setup each channel separately (or
additionally to the global delay of the sound card).


Kevin Cosgrove wrote:
> I'm recording a drum kit and I'd like to equalize the delay from
> a sound source to the mics; i.e. time align the mics.  When I'm
> zoomed in considerably, so that 00:01:00:15 is at the left edge
> of the editor area and 00:01:00:16 is at the right edge of the
> editor area, then tics 0 to 100 in between those timecodes are
> visible.  It looks like my mic time alignment is off by 5-8 tics.
> I _could_ slide the tracks around to make them line up.  But, I'd
> have to do that repeatedly, each time after I record.  I'd rather
> set up a delay so that the outputs of all those tracks arrive at
> their combined output buss at the same time.  Is there a good way
> to do this?  If so, what's the best way(s)?
> Thanks...
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> Kevin
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