[Ardour-Users] export automation

Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Tue Jun 3 06:51:49 PDT 2008


I'm wondering how I could best use ardour as automation-sequencer and
feed some external apps with information from ardour.

ok, MIDI could do it: jack-midi would even do it in real-time and could
compensate for latencies..
In my case latency and jitter are not a big issue, I'm connecting to OSC..

Before looking at MIDI->OSC translation I was thinking to "just insert"
a LV2 plugin into ardour that can send OSC - But I could not get the
"OSC print" plugin to initialize/load in ardour3-svn3429 and I'm not
sure if it will even do what I need: send OSC messages when an
automation value changes during playback.

What would be the recommended way to go?
 - try harder with LV2 - any hints or success stories?
 - go Midi
 - quickNdirty grep(TM) data from the .ardour session file
   and use /any/ OSC sequencer.. LOL.  I like the ardour timeline,
   but I'm open to suggestions if there's more dedicated software.
 - ??

It's for a one time installation project so I'm not going to spend hours
with it,.. but maybe the concept can be reused.


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