[Ardour-Users] Compiling Ardour ?

lanas lanas at securenet.net
Sat Jan 26 15:30:15 PST 2008


  If there's a constant in the Linux world, it has to be the flurry of
OS releases each year.  Fedora Core 6 now seems an old release.  It
looks like there are no more Ardour updates for it.  Thing is, I tried
to update to F7 and it failed with some problems.  And F7 is becoming
an old release now that there's F8.  And F9 is looming.  And CCRMA,
last time I checked, did not have all packages ready for F8.  Not to
mention the x86_64 flavour that I'm running.

  When will it stop ?

  F12 ?

  So I'm considering syncing with Ardour on a source code basis.  I
could eventually even symlong the package and swithc easily between
versions if need be.

  So what I'd like to know, form people who had the experience, is, how
'hard' is it to compile Ardour on a x86_64 platform ?  Are the
dependencies mundane or arcane ?




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