[Ardour-Users] building a new machine for Ardour

Justin M. Streiner streiner at cluebyfour.org
Mon Dec 8 13:39:58 PST 2008

I'm planning to build a new machine to do my audio work early next year. 
To start off, it will mainly be to mix and master audio that is tracked on 
other devices, but eventually I plan do do more tracking directly in 
Ardour.  The plan is to be able to record at least 24 tracks 
simultaneously, with the option of expanding in the future, if needed.

That said, does anyone have any recommendations as far as motherboards, 
etc?  In other words have any of you been using hardware that has 
performed well and been reliable?  I've been using Asus mobos for the past 
4-5 years and been very happy with them.  I'm also not against making the 
switch to AMD CPUs if needed.

Beyond that I'm planning to have two hardware SATA-300 RAID sets in the 
box - a mirrored set for the system drive and a striped/mirrored set for 
for the audio data.  I do plan to get a mobo that can handle > 4 GB of 
RAM, but I don't think I'll put more than 4 into the box until it makes 
more sense to make the jump to 64-bit...


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