[Ardour-Users] state of tranzport support?

Giso Grimm gg3137 at vegri.net
Mon Dec 1 02:17:08 PST 2008


to fix the problem you described you should apply the patch appended to
bug #1797. This will fix both the deadlock in the control_protocol
module and the reachability of all tracks/busses.

The user-space driver (based on libusb) for the Tranzport can not
properly handle an event overflow, which will result in a link breakdown
(and slow recovery from that) if the input events can not be handled
quick enough. Mike Taht is the author of the tranzport interface, he
suggested to use either the kernel space driver. We also discussed to
use an external tranzport-to-OSC controller application, which could use
a more reliable Tranzport-interface (actually I wrote a extremely simple
tranzport2midi interface which can be used as a generic Midi control
surface, but unfortunately without any feedback like track names and
input level: http://vegri.net/tranzport2midi.zip - undocumented and very
limited, but much better link performance).


Jörn Nettingsmeier wrote:
> hi everyone!
> a friend gave me a tranzport to play around with that he's not using at
> the moment, and of course i hooked it up to ardour.
> the basic functionality is there and it really is quite nice, but
> stepping through the channels does not work. specifically, i have this
> weird session here that consists of a 4ch master, two 6ch monitor busses
> and one 4ch track. i can only step through the busses, not the channel,
> and when i'm at the master track and try to go backward one more, ardour
> goes haywire: 100% cpu, sloppy playback, mouse lags by tens of seconds.
> at that point, i need to restart ardour usually.
> reason i'm writing is: the concept of a low-level hardware driver in
> ardour does strike me as odd - before i buy a tranzport myself, is there
> reasonable hope that this thing will stay supported? or had i better get
> me a generic midi controller with machine control buttons?
> best,
> jörn

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