[Ardour-Users] hardware monitoring

David Forsyth steampipe at iwr.ru.ac.za
Sun Sep 23 03:21:05 PDT 2007

david headon wrote:
> Hi all,
> just wondering why i am not getting hardware monitoring thru Ardour ( v 
> 2.0.5 - i finally upgraded to newish ardour )
> .
> i have it selected in the options dialogue in ardour,   In  QjackCTL i 
> have H/W monitor ticked, as well as realtime, monitor, h/w/meter.
> The system is 64studio,
> ( Debian 4.0, kernel 2.6.22-1  multimedia-amd64 ), and behaves really 
> well other than this small ( important ) problem.
> Jack config all looks as it should, with my Hammerfall 9652 as master.

it took me ages to figure out the settings.... and as I said the other 
day I am looking it up on my machine here at home....

in qjackctl, h/w monitor is OFF (only realtime is ticked in the left 
column of parameters)

in ardour (0.99.3) options | misc has hw monitor ticked, software 
monitor is not ticked

I recall that with my Delta 1010LT this is the only way that it all 
works.  if jack also has hw monitor ticked, it does not work.

envy24control is used to control the actual hardware monitoring, for 
your Hammerfall you use the thing someone else mentioned that I cannot 

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