[Ardour-Users] hardware monitoring

Andrew Johnston andy at 1300biteme.com
Fri Sep 21 18:01:31 PDT 2007

I have the same sound card as you do.  I use the hdspmixer to do hardware
monitoring, if you aren't sure how, basically just push the input faders up,
while selecting the output you want to monitor in in the box below that
fader.  I have found that while using some programs (maybe ardour as well i
can't remember) that audio 'dissappears', and if I 'retouch' the faders in
hdspmixer it appears again (obviously some kind of bug  I guess)

Andy J

On 9/21/07, david headon <davidheadonuk at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
> Hi all,
> just wondering why i am not getting hardware monitoring thru Ardour ( v
> 2.0.5 - i finally upgraded to newish ardour )
> .
> i have it selected in the options dialogue in ardour,   In  QjackCTL i
> have H/W monitor ticked, as well as realtime, monitor, h/w/meter.
> The system is 64studio,
> ( Debian 4.0, kernel 2.6.22-1  multimedia-amd64 ), and behaves really well
> other than this small ( important ) problem.
> Jack config all looks as it should, with my Hammerfall 9652 as master.
> Is there a simple oversight that could lead to this?
> I did do a synaptic update that i think upgraded Ardour.
> Could that be a cause?
> thanks for the insight in advance.
> Oh BTW, i am just blown away by how beautiful ardour is now under gtk...
> the whole system is an absolute joy to work with!!
> i have no interest in ,my old cubase installation at all now !-)
> thaks again-
> dav=-0
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