[Ardour-Users] Howto firgure settings out

Arnold Krille arnold at arnoldarts.de
Wed Sep 19 07:15:04 PDT 2007

Am Mittwoch, 19. September 2007 schrieb Brett Clark:
> This can bring up another question(s).  Im using a Delta 1010 and
> use the hardware monitoring (its 'external' in Ardour), so would i
> really care about latency?  If im playing back 8 tracks while recording
> a 9th track, doesnt Ardour compensate for that?  Also, would a larger
> latency reduce the load on the processor?

larger latency = less load.

I use 2x1024 or 2x512 for recording. But hardware monitoring is enabled (if 
they don't hear their own acoustic instrument by default).

> I currently try to keep the latency down, but these are questions
> that have been lingering in my head.

You don't have to. At some point lower latency reduces stability and you 
probably don't want that when recording a musician paid by the hour. ;-)

So you have to find a balance between stability (=high latency) and low 
latency. Of course this is something else when recording softsynths that are 
played live. But in that case you can also record the midi signal (with muse 
or rosegarden (and at some point in the future even with ardour).

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