[Ardour-Users] Portable Sessions

John Emmas johne53 at tiscali.co.uk
Tue Sep 18 00:31:59 PDT 2007

Hi Thomas,

I can't answer your question about Jack ports because (I assume) the ports
are likely to be different on different machines so there probably isn't a
simple answer to that one.

On the audio side though, I believe that 'native' audio (i.e. audio residing
in "interchange/proj_name/audiofiles") is referenced by name alone.
Therefore it offers the ability to move or rename a project without needing
to copy all the media.  This is a step in the right direction - but the
technique used by most modern systems is to offer a "media pool" that
contains the media for all projects.  This makes it incredibly easy to copy
and rename projects - but less easy to move them.  The main drawback of the
"media pool" approach is that it usually requires all media names to be

In my AAF import code, I've arranged for all media to have unique names (in
anticipation that something akin to a media pool might emerge later).
However, there's some merit in the "interchange" arrangement because it
should (unless I'm missing something) make it quite simple for you to move
your project and your audio, as long as the media isn't embedded (although
you might still need to re-assign ports).

If a media pool approach emerges in the future, it might be necessary to
consider AES31 as the favoured import/export format.  AES31 can accommodate
features like overlapping audio and assymetric crossfades - neither of which
are supported by OMF or AAF.


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> So out of curiosity, what is the best way to handle a session that I would
> like to open from seperate computers?
> I have my workstation, but also my Mackbook Pro that I use while on the
> road, and would love to be able to load a session on my linux workstation,
> save it to an external HD, plug that HD into my MBP, and open it in Ardour
> there.  As of right now it seems that all file references in the session
> file are absolute references, which doesn't make to much sense to me as
> either hard links are created for embedded files(correct?) or the file is
> copied to the interchange/audio folder anyways.  So I am not to sure why
> an
> absolute reference is used.
> The other problem I believe I see is when doing so the Jack ports for the
> interface change, and would need to be reconnected.  That is not as big a
> deal so long as the rest of the routing remain for me, but it would be
> nice
> to account for this in some way, just not sure what the best way is.
> Of course then again I might have missed something VERY obvious(Wouldn't
> be
> the first time) and this is already addressed in some way, in which case I
> would appreciate someone calling me an idiot and showing me how/where;)
>         Seablade


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