[Ardour-Users] Portable Sessions

Thomas Vecchione seablaede at gmail.com
Mon Sep 17 21:33:36 PDT 2007

So out of curiosity, what is the best way to handle a session that I would
like to open from seperate computers?

I have my workstation, but also my Mackbook Pro that I use while on the
road, and would love to be able to load a session on my linux workstation,
save it to an external HD, plug that HD into my MBP, and open it in Ardour
there.  As of right now it seems that all file references in the session
file are absolute references, which doesn't make to much sense to me as
either hard links are created for embedded files(correct?) or the file is
copied to the interchange/audio folder anyways.  So I am not to sure why an
absolute reference is used.

The other problem I believe I see is when doing so the Jack ports for the
interface change, and would need to be reconnected.  That is not as big a
deal so long as the rest of the routing remain for me, but it would be nice
to account for this in some way, just not sure what the best way is.

Of course then again I might have missed something VERY obvious(Wouldn't be
the first time) and this is already addressed in some way, in which case I
would appreciate someone calling me an idiot and showing me how/where;)

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