[Ardour-Users] Ardour segfaults when loading a previously fine session

lanas lanas at securenet.net
Fri Sep 14 06:26:35 PDT 2007


  Ardour2 segfaults when loading a previously fine session that was
reloaded quite a few times..  This is one of the most complex session
I've made so far, with recorded regions starting here and there on a
track so I do not figure out how I can retrieve the sounds and paste
all that together.  Notwithstanding the time it'd take.

  What happenned is this.

  I worked on a new session.  Everything was fine and then I wanted to
load a previous session on which I was working a few hours ago.  So I
used the menu option about the recent sessions and double-clicked on
the name.  Ardour immediately disappeared from the desktop.  I
restarted it, chose open a session with the same session and it
disappeared again immediately.  I lauchned it from a command line.
Same thing happened but this time the console showed: 'segmentation

  I can load the other session OK.

  This is too bad that the session/work cannot be loaded again.
Fortunately it is a sketch and everything's still fresh.  Tracks can
be redone from scratch.  I thought this kind of problem was solved and
was starting to feel cozy using Ardour.  But this surely comes by as a
cold shower.

  My impression on this is that if I could (which I can't) revert back
to a backup of the session, Ardour would load it.  In other words, I
have the impression that when the session was recalled using the 'most
recent sessions' menu option something was permanently done to the
session's files.  Why would Ardour have no problem loading any other
sessions apart from that one ?

  Is there anything I can do to help troubleshoot the problem ?  Is
the setup to make it run under gdb and get a backtrace too daunting
(CCRMA has the debug info file) ?  Are there any debug switches ?
Extra log messages that can be turned on ?  System is Fedora Core 6
x86_64, 4 GB RAM, 4 GB disk work space free, 11 GB disk system space

  This morning I'm getting from CCRMA an Ardour update.  It would be
nice anyhow to know what the troubleshooting options are so that some
technical feedback can be given.


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