[Ardour-Users] importing as new tracks missmatch

Dragan Noveski perodog at gmx.net
Fri Sep 7 04:07:20 PDT 2007

hi list,
if i open new session and import an audio file to 'new track' a new 
track will be created with the name of the file (containing the file 
if i do this one more time with the same file, i ll end up with two 
tracks, which have the same name.
if i now save the session, exit and open the session again, ardour will 
complain about not being able to connect, because the connection already 
exist and i am able to playback only the track which is imported first. 
looking into 'output connection' of the second imported track, i realize 
that it is not possible to connect to anything.
if i go and rename the second imported track, than i am able to make 
connections with that track.

if i am manually creating tracks, trying to give an existing name to a 
new track will give me a warning that 'the track already exists' and 
will make it impossible to create a track with a duplicated name.
i think that the second behavior is the right one.


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