[Ardour-Users] rsnapshot

David Cantrell david at cantrell.org.uk
Wed Sep 19 09:48:27 PDT 2007

I was told that rsnapshot was recently recommended here.

I'm the current maintainer, and I feel I should point out one big caveat
when dealing with audio and video files.  That is that even the tiniest
change in a large file - eg, changing some metadata, or appending a few
bytes on the end, or editing a bit in the middle - will result in a new
copy of that big file in your backups.  You can use du -csh daily.0
daily.1 to see how big the changes are from one backup to the next.  If
they're too big because of that behaviour, then there are several other
backup software projects listed near the bottom of this page:
which might be better suited.  In particular rdiff-backup will be more
space-efficient at storing large files that change, at the expense of
restores being a little more difficult.

(follow-ups by private mail or on the rsnapshot-discuss list please, as
I only subscribed here so I could post this - hope the local list-gods
don't mind!)

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