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sara lidgey slidgey at yahoo.ca
Wed Oct 24 20:28:55 PDT 2007

Jesse Chappell <jesse at essej.net> wrote:

>OK, this is a common misconception with ardour, muting a trackactually >does nothing to save either disk I/O or CPU.  It can beargued that this is >silly, but this way you can get instant reactionfrom the system when >unmuting.   The right way to disable a track andsave both disk and cpu is to >make it inactive, by right-clicking onthe track header, or the mixerstrip name >button and unchecking theActive item.  Doing this for all your unused tracks >might just get youenough bandwidth for your current session.   You can >always make them active again later.

I am down to 24 active tracks at 96kHz and the error appears just as often.
Is there something else in Ardour I should look at?  The problem seems to get worse the more I work on the session.

>As others suggested, it is always best to have your session on acompletely >separate drive from your system disk, to avoid anyunnecessary seeking >due to system activity.  Even better for you wouldbe to set up a SATA RAID >array using multiple disks, which couldactually sustain your high track counts >and sample rate.

Can you recommend a good HOWTO or other documentation for setting up the correct RAID array (1+0?)?
Is it possible to do it without reinstalling the OS?

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