[Ardour-Users] Ardour input level issues

porl sheean porl42 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 24 17:55:43 PDT 2007

This looks about right. I think what is happening is you are using the sound
card's internal mixer to monitor, which may send the input to the output
*before* it gets coded to the distorted digital signal ardour recieves. if
you try to use ardour's 'software monitoring' i think it will sound
distorted there, as that will let you hear what ardour 'hears', helping to
adjust the input levels from there.

as Jesse said, you need to make sure the meters are reading the values from
the input when you are recording. when you arm the track for recording it
should set itself to this automatically, but maybe there is a setting
somewhere to disable that that has been set.

i would completely ignore the meter on the behringer (other than to make
sure that the behringer is under clipping level within itself), as the
output level of the behringer may be too much for the input level (at least
when being encoded) of the sblive.

an easy way to set the level (if you are having trouble getting the input
meters to work for whatever reason) is to start a dummy recording with
either the behringer's output (or the sblive's input if you have a livedrive
etc) set right down and slowly bring the level up while watching the
waveform output in ardour (rather than the input meters). you could also use
something like meterbridge (set to the digital peak meter to ensure
accuracy) and send the track's output through that. you would need to watch
for the 3db difference though i think.
once you have set that level, look at the behringer's output meter and use
whatever value that reaches as the new '0db' reference point from now on. of
course if you can adjust the live's input level instead you don't need to
worry about that.


On 10/24/07, Thomas Dermako <dermakot716 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Still working on this - here's a screenshot.
> http://i225.photobucket.com/albums/dd284/dermakot716/Screenshot.png
> Notice that the meter shows -3 db max, but the audio is quite distorted.
> This time I'm not monitoring thru the board at all and the levels are set
> really low. Yeah ok, behringer's crap, but I've been using this to monitor
> for over a year now with no probs. Any other ideas?
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