[Ardour-Users] Could Compiz-Fusion actually improve performance?

Andrew Johnston andy at 1300biteme.com
Mon Oct 22 04:04:37 PDT 2007

Hi everyone,
I had steered clear of any of the fancy stuff like beryl and compiz on my
audio rig, preferring e17 as a window manager as it is lightweight yet still
looks good.  Last week I thought I'd give compiz-fusion a go, just because I
was interested to see how it looked etc etc.  Anyway, to my surprise it ran
quickly and was very stable....so I thought I'd test it.  I ran ardour with
10 tracks and 16 plugins (some vst some ladspa) on one side of the cube,
kino capturing live rawdv on another side, hydrogen synced on another side,
and rosegarden synced on the last side.  I watched qjackctl (1024 frames)
for xruns, and I got none....my cpu usage was hitting 60% which is more than
I normally run it at, I span the cube around and around, waiting for an
xrun, but nothing.  It is normal for me when using e17 to clock up a couple
of xruns just in the normal usage of the pc...but I seem to be getting
better performance with all the eye candy!  My thoughts are that the
composite extension makes much better use of the videocards gpu and RAM so
it actually lightens the load on the cpu and system RAM, and therefore
actually gives me better performance.  Has anyone done any benchmarking on
this?  I could sure handle having my recording rig desktop utilising
compiz-fusion as default.

Any thoughts appreciated,

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