[Ardour-Users] OT - plugin to remove buzz from harp note

John Emmas johne53 at tiscali.co.uk
Wed Oct 24 01:03:52 PDT 2007

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Subject: Re: [Ardour-Users] OT - plugin to remove buzz from harp note

> however, this falls under the "thats what it sounded like" so I would
> just leave it.
Quite..!  Brad, it seems like you've learned the hard way an important
lesson that we all learn sooner or later (and most of us learned it the hard
way, too).  When recording (esp. a live performance) you must eliminate as
many problems 'at source' as you possibly can - because it's often a mistake
to think you can eliminate them later.

Another good tip is to always record several takes (because that way, if you
find intermittent problems like this, you have a fighting chance that one of
the other takes will be clean).  If the performance was a concert, you
should have recorded the rehearsal.  'Covering your ass' is standard
practice for pro sound engineers.  Sorry I can't be more positive - but
we've all made mistakes like this in the past.   The important thing is to
learn from them.


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