[Ardour-Users] Crash - I'm really going nutsy here...

Michael Dunn md at cantares.on.ca
Wed Oct 10 16:10:47 PDT 2007

>Michael Dunn wrote:
>>  Tried using MANY undos - eventually it
>>  crashed (report below) before any real changes had been undone.
>That was happening a lot to me.  Usually when an edit glitches in some
>way, I try and undo, but it crashes.  It sounds like you're having as
>many problems as I was having, and I more or less gave up trying for now.
>Strangely, some people claim to have no issues whatsoever and apparently
>have no problems doing lots of real work in Ardour.
>Out of curiosity, what Linux distribution are you using?  What kind of
>CPU?  And is your current version of Ardour one that you compiled
>yourself, or is it from a binary package?

    OSX .dmg 2.0.5.

>Steven Chamberlain
>steven at pyro.eu.org

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