[Ardour-Users] testing OS X native versions

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Thu Oct 4 19:11:24 PDT 2007

On Thu, 2007-10-04 at 20:34 -0400, Matthew Polashek wrote:

> I just tried to create a new session without making any changes at  
> all.  I suppose this is an unreasonable assumption at this point, but  
> new users will expect thing to "just work."  (I've been using Ardour  
> since one was required to compile a kernel in Linux form scratch but  
> not everyone will want to deal with any hickups.)

well, there are 2 responses to this. first is: it depends on what the
failure actually was. the console log is the way to find (thats where
all the stdout/stderr ends up for GUI apps in OS X). if it shows "Cannot
set sample rate to XXXX", then we have the culprit. 

second is: the lack of a duplex device arrived in Tiger, not before, and
it has bitten most OS X users on the nose. I don't know why Apple
decided to go down this path. its interestingly similar to ALSA's very
early design decision to have different devices for playback and
capture. it messed up every piece of OS X software that, until that day,
had worked by opening a single device and expected to get both

> >> Works with the MOTU but I can't configure the number of channels.
> >> Default is 8 wich go to bank 1 of the 2408.
> >
> > I am suprised by all the people who ask about this. I really wasn't
> > aware that so many people bother to configure the number of channels.
> > The default should be *all* the available physical channels. Is  
> > there a
> > problem with this?
> All available physical channels on my 2408 is 24.  Only 8 showed up.   
> You do have a valid argument for not configuring however.

What has happened with "regular" JACK until now?

> >> GUI seems slow.  Especially the scroll wheel of the mouse.
> >
> > in what direction(s) ? changing what? zoom? position?
> I noticed initially that scrolling though the file system while  
> importing audio is extremely slow.  One flick of the mouse wheel and  
> I had to wait for the screen for a while.  Also present in adding  
> LADSPA plugs.  When recording, the edit window was very slow to begin  
> drawing waveforms - so much so that I made a double triple take to  
> see if it was rolling.  Record-enabling tracks was quite a wait as  
> well.  FYI, my video card is the original that came with the machine.
> Also, apple-M bring up the mixer window but resizes it and places it  
> in the upper left corner.  I had the G-verb gui open and it was  
> kicked up into the upper left corner as well.

these are likely legitimate bugs in the code that are being highlighted
by apple's window manager. i'll fix these (its pretty easy).

> Apple-` doesn't work to scroll through window.  (I think someone may  
> have noticed this already.)

right, ardour by default uses ctrl-`, and gtk/osx has mapped all
ctrl-FOO accelerators to apple-FOO (aka Command-FOO). so apple-` is
stolen by Ardour. 

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