[Ardour-Users] testing OS X native versions

Matthew Polashek matt at tinysongs.com
Thu Oct 4 17:34:41 PDT 2007

> On Thu, 2007-10-04 at 18:38 -0400, Matthew Polashek wrote:
>> Running PPC test on G4 MDD 1.25 GHZ 2 GIG of ram  MOTU PCI-324 and
>> 2408 Mk1 OSX 10.4.10.  MIDI via MIDI Timepiec II AV USB with Yamaha
>> Promix 01 as MIDI controller.
> Thanks for the test and feedback.
>> Failed to connect to jack using built-in audio.
> You probably asked for illegal parameters. The builtin audio stuff is
> amazingly uncapable. Mine can't do 48kHz, for example. In addition, if
> you change the sample rate when using an aggregate device, you will
> randomly lose all output channels (confirmed by Apple). Note, in case
> you are not aware, that Tiger ships without any duplex audio  
> devices by
> default - its up to the user to create an aggregate one. Almost as  
> crazy
> as ALSA :)

I just tried to create a new session without making any changes at  
all.  I suppose this is an unreasonable assumption at this point, but  
new users will expect thing to "just work."  (I've been using Ardour  
since one was required to compile a kernel in Linux form scratch but  
not everyone will want to deal with any hickups.)

>> Works with the MOTU but I can't configure the number of channels.
>> Default is 8 wich go to bank 1 of the 2408.
> I am suprised by all the people who ask about this. I really wasn't
> aware that so many people bother to configure the number of channels.
> The default should be *all* the available physical channels. Is  
> there a
> problem with this?

All available physical channels on my 2408 is 24.  Only 8 showed up.   
You do have a valid argument for not configuring however.

>> No MIDI.  Keyboard-Mouse shortcut to set MIDI CC of fader channels
>> not working.
> Yes, this is a relatively small detail in the packaging right now. The
> Generic MIDI "control surface" support is not included in the  
> packaging.
> Its very easy for me to correct this, and I will in a soon-to-appear
> version.
>> GUI seems slow.  Especially the scroll wheel of the mouse.
> in what direction(s) ? changing what? zoom? position?

I noticed initially that scrolling though the file system while  
importing audio is extremely slow.  One flick of the mouse wheel and  
I had to wait for the screen for a while.  Also present in adding  
LADSPA plugs.  When recording, the edit window was very slow to begin  
drawing waveforms - so much so that I made a double triple take to  
see if it was rolling.  Record-enabling tracks was quite a wait as  
well.  FYI, my video card is the original that came with the machine.

Also, apple-M bring up the mixer window but resizes it and places it  
in the upper left corner.  I had the G-verb gui open and it was  
kicked up into the upper left corner as well.

Apple-` doesn't work to scroll through window.  (I think someone may  
have noticed this already.)

>> No VST.  Will we see VST plug ins in the OSX GUI?
> Much more likely to see AU first. There are various issues with
> supporting VST, ironically because Steinberg have insisted on using an
> older GUI API (old-Carbon-sort-of) rather than the new stuff. Its not
> impossible, but AU will be easier.

Think how pretty it would be though!  ;)

> --p

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