[Ardour-Users] testing OS X native versions (Paul Davis)

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Thu Oct 4 09:59:31 PDT 2007

On Thu, 2007-10-04 at 08:06 -0700, Joshua Parmenter wrote:
> Hi Paul,
> First of all... this is all amazing! Thanks for yours and everyone  
> elses work on this!
> There were a couple things I noticed. This are at the inconvenience  
> level though:
> 1) Jack configuration is a little dodgy: I can't change number of  
> inputs or output. Also, will it work with the Jack I have on my  
> computer? or qjackctl? If not, will I be able to route sound in or  
> out from other apps?

This "AllInOne" package will not be the only (or even the preferred) way
to get Ardour for OS X. I'm just testing it at present, mostly with a
view to what SAE wants for the moment. This version will not interact
with other instances of JACK, and other apps cannot interact with it
either. That will not be true when I release a package without a bundled

> 2) the apple-` keystroke that usually lets you cycle through windows  
> doesn't seem to work.

Ardour steals that accelerator.

>  apple-M does let me switch to the Mixer, but I  
> can't get back to the editor without a mouse click.

lots of stuff to do with accelerator/shortcut keys are pretty severely
broken right now. i'm at work fixing them as i write (but its pretty
deep inside gtk/osx, so its not trivial.

> Other then that, a pretty complex project I have been working on  
> opens just fine. Looks great, and seems more responsive! Thanks!

thanks for the feedback.

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