[Ardour-Users] testing OS X native versions (Paul Davis)

Joshua Parmenter josh at realizedsound.net
Thu Oct 4 10:12:45 PDT 2007

Thanks Paul, I was getting it confused with the earlier 2.1 OS X  
Native release. Still more then happy to test it out though (but I  
like being able to use the independent JACK!).



On Oct 4, 2007, at 9:59 AM, Paul Davis wrote:

> On Thu, 2007-10-04 at 08:06 -0700, Joshua Parmenter wrote:
>> Hi Paul,
>> First of all... this is all amazing! Thanks for yours and everyone
>> elses work on this!
>> There were a couple things I noticed. This are at the inconvenience
>> level though:
>> 1) Jack configuration is a little dodgy: I can't change number of
>> inputs or output. Also, will it work with the Jack I have on my
>> computer? or qjackctl? If not, will I be able to route sound in or
>> out from other apps?
> This "AllInOne" package will not be the only (or even the  
> preferred) way
> to get Ardour for OS X. I'm just testing it at present, mostly with a
> view to what SAE wants for the moment. This version will not interact
> with other instances of JACK, and other apps cannot interact with it
> either. That will not be true when I release a package without a  
> bundled
>> 2) the apple-` keystroke that usually lets you cycle through windows
>> doesn't seem to work.
> Ardour steals that accelerator.
>>  apple-M does let me switch to the Mixer, but I
>> can't get back to the editor without a mouse click.
> lots of stuff to do with accelerator/shortcut keys are pretty severely
> broken right now. i'm at work fixing them as i write (but its pretty
> deep inside gtk/osx, so its not trivial.
>> Other then that, a pretty complex project I have been working on
>> opens just fine. Looks great, and seems more responsive! Thanks!
> thanks for the feedback.

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