[Ardour-Users] Basic instructions-can't play imported audio

bradley newton haug bradleyhaug at gmail.com
Tue Nov 27 09:50:15 PST 2007


  64studio is done by one of the fellows that did agnula/demudi which I
personally regarded as the most stable of the audio distributions.

    My main studio machine is 64studio and my other linux machines are
gentoo.   64Studio also has reasonably priced user support ($20 US a month)
if you find you have need, and as a company they have commercial

 the delta 66 works well under alsa and thus jack, though I'm unfamiliar
with the 'omni', from memory the omnis were usb interfaces?  If so I have no
experience with them.   I use the delta 1010 pci cards w/breakout myself.

  Feel free to drop me a line with any questions you have.

bradley newton haug

> As of now I knew only of the Jacklab Distro which is based on Suse10.2:
> http://jacklab.net/jacklaborg/english/
> And, of course I know of Planet CCRMA for Fedora
> Well, I haven't really started yet, but I would appreciate your feedback.
> Are you using any of the audio-linux-distro's, and if so, what's the best
> "ready to go package"
> Thanks a lot,
> Be creative and genius!!!
> Thomas
> PS. I use a AMD 2.1ghz 3000+ with 2GB ram, with a Delta 66 Omni
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